Best Tip Ever: Start NOW!

Starting anything is hard. That first step seems like the biggest. We are such habit based creatures, it is easier for us to continue doing what feels normal then to break out and do something different. We build habits over time like a stream growing as water comes down from the mountains. Every time we fulfill one of these habits we are adding a little more water to the stream. Before we know it that habit stream has turned into a raging river and trying to fight against the current feels impossible.

We all build habits, both good and bad. Behavior, psychological, exercise, eating, all kinds of habits. I have wanted to start this blog for a while now but my habits kept me from it.  Other things felt easier, felt more normal, it was too hard to start something new no matter how much I wanted to. Let’s imagine for a moment, what if I would have written my first post two months ago? How would the blog have grown over those two months? It really doesn’t matter how it would have changed things because I can’t go back and start it.  All I can do is start it now, and that is the point!

Whatever it is you want to start, stop waiting! It isn’t going to be easier to break those habits after – enter arbitrarily selected date here – to start exercising, eating healthy, saving money, writing a blog. STOP WAITING! It’s a safe bet that whatever you want to start will benefit, even just a fraction, from starting today.

If you’re wanting to make health or exercise changes, then you’ve come to the right place. That’s my passion, thats what I love to talk about, thats where I’ll spend most of my time.

What have you started recently? What are you going to start now? Let me know in the comments bellow! I’m off to my first Yoga class in a LONG time because why wait? I should start now!

10 Replies to “Best Tip Ever: Start NOW!”

  1. Ahhh Sam, you’re the best! I’m back to working out after taking a break. Miss you & the Tribe – not quite the same. Closer to home with more options though. Looking forward to reading your blog posts. I know they will be insightful & inspiring 😀


    1. Thanks Branda!!! Glad to hear you are back after it! I miss you and the Tribe as well, this might be an awesome way for me to keep up with a bunch of you guys! Thanks for your comment, have a great night 🙂


  2. Big Sam! I love this man. You have already peaked my interest and made me excited for what is to come from you big dawg! I hope you and the wifey are well! I have been working with my pops making wooden sunglasses and would love to send you a pair and maybe have you write a small review! I think it would be dope for both of us? They are called Boogiewoods 😎


  3. Sam, this is great, and you’re so right! Yoga teachers are taught to instill in their students to “come from a place of you are ready right now” in order to push them to get over fear and hesitation, to try something new or push a little harder. I love that you speak to that being the goal out in the world as well as in the gym or on your mat. Super excited for your future posts!


    1. Thanks Corrie! And this was absolutely my experience last night in my yoga practice. It had been a long time and I have never excelled at yoga so it really was tough for me last night. But just because I’m not good at it yet, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it. How else will I possibly get better?!? Thanks for the comment!


  4. Great read Sam! I’ve been wanting to start a local kansas city blog for entrepreneurs who are going through the journey of becoming successful. along with a podcast interviewing local Kansas city entrepreneurs. You’re right man. Sometimes you just have to start and go from there.


    1. Thanks for the comment Charles! I would love to read your Kansas City entrepreneurs blog. I’m local to Kansas City as well, are you planning on attending 1million cups tomorrow (Wednesday)?


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