How the Boy Scout Motto Can Help You Reach Your Goals

I have three brothers, one older and two younger.  We were all in boy scouts growing up.  We all made it to the end reaching the rank of eagle, following in our father’s footsteps.  And to my father’s great disappointment I remember how to tie just a handful of knots, knowing the name of just one of them.  But there are other things I learned from boy scouts.  For one, I’ll never forget the boy scout motto: “Be Prepared”.

It is so simple and yet so powerful.  You need to be ready for any number of situations.  In scouting this could be making sure you have a first-aid kit, or packing enough water for a hike.  If you don’t plan ahead and you aren’t prepared then you are stacking the odds against you.  Life gets in the way.  There are any number of unpredictable events that transpire throughout your day that cause you to have to waiver from your original plans.  Being prepared means you are better able to adjust and adapt to these obstacles.  This is one reason why I try to encourage people who say they don’t have time to workout to do it early in the morning.  Nothing can get in the way at 5 am.  No meetings, no phone calls, no sudden changes to schedules.  You can get your training done and feel great to attack the rest of your day before most people get out of bed.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.  This quote has been attributed to a bunch of different famous people.  I don’t care who said it, I just know I agree with it.  I’m a huge proponent of planning out your training and nutrition.  If you don’t take the time to make a plan then ultimately you’re setting yourself up to fall short.  It starts with a meal plan.  Sit down and think about what you have going on the next week.  Do you want to prepare lunches to take with you to work?  Do you have early meetings this week?  Are you working late a couple nights?  With this information you then can make your menu. If you know you work late or early and could prepare something in advance to take with you then plan for it.  Have your meals mapped out and then create a grocery list off of that plan.

Same goes for working out.  Find out what times work for you that week and schedule your training.  If something comes up that throws off your training plan, have a backup.  You usually work out at lunch on Friday but you know there is a client you have to take out to lunch this Friday, plan to get your training in before or after work.  Or maybe get a special Saturday workout in to supplement the missed Friday.  Just have a thought out plan.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and you won’t necessarily be able to stick with it 100%.  But thinking about it, planning for it, will set you up to be more successful and consistent.

I totally understand that going from no planning to all the planning can be a huge undertaking starting out.  Just like everything else in life we can make small changes to start building to our goal.  Maybe this first week just schedule out 3 dinners and 3 lunches.  Make a goal you think is reasonable and then execute it.  In two or three weeks when it’s becoming easy, challenge yourself to do more.  That is how to build life long habits that will enable you to reach your goals.

Remember, it is okay to fail.  Life has a way of inhibiting our best intentions.  That’s fine.  But preparing and planning will help you to be adaptable. To be more able to adjust to the daily demands of your busy life.  That will help you build the lean life you desire.  That will give you power to make the changes you want.  Don’t fail to plan, PLAN TO SUCCEED.

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