No One is 100% Motivated, 100% of the Time

A day in the life of Dr. Motive McMotivated.  He wakes up, 2 hours before work.  Makes the perfect healthy breakfast for him and his family, while listening to his audiobook explaining how he can be a better doctor.  After breakfast he does the stretches and mobility work his coach recommended just like he does every day 3 times a day.  From there he goes to work at his super crazy hospital job that he totally dominates with a smile and can do attitude no matter what comes his way.  From work he heads straight to the gym without hesitation.  He see’s the workout and says “This was written for me to improve my fitness and live longer and healthier and I love it no matter what it is!”  This man is motivated.  He is 100% motivated, 100% of the time.  He’s also not a real person.

Your favorite athlete, your coach, everyone at the box, they all have something in common.  They all have struggled with motivation at some point.  Everyone has WOD’s they don’t want to do, day’s they don’t feel like eating clean.  We all run into these mental barriers.

This happens.  Don’t feel like you are missing some motivational superpower.  You are allowed to not always want to go to the gym.  You’re sore from earlier in the week.  Exhausted from work.  Other obligations have you rushed for time.  Whatever it is has you debating if you should come in today.  How can we combat this?  How can you get through this mental block and make it to the workout?

Picture yourself at the gym.  Imagine the other athletes there with you, laughing, conversing, getting warmed up for the WOD.  See yourself busting your butt during the workout.  Think about that euphoric feeling you get when the buzzer sounds and it’s all over.  How thankful you are that you “survived” another WOD.  How proud of yourself that you came even when you didn’t want to.

What happens if you do miss a WOD?  Move on, come tomorrow.  It’s not the end of the world.  Focus on what you can do now to reach your goals.  Climb out of the motivational rut.  There are days where the hardest part is just deciding to show up.  Once you make it through that door you’ve got a win.

You’re the one with all the answers.  When you’re tired, and sore, and sleepy and don’t want to workout, you’re the one with the answer.  You’re the one who can show up.

And be honest, you know you’ll be glad you came.


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