About Living Lean

You’re trying to live a healthy and happy life.  You want to eat healthy but its just too hard.  You make time for the gym but you don’t know what to do when you get there.  Maybe you like working out and you are curious to learn more.  Or maybe you hate training but you’re committed to becoming healthier.  Your looking for guidance in living a lean life.

No matter what your nutrition and fitness background I’m glad you are here.  Living Lean is all about improving life, being happy and healthy in body and mind. I’ll post nutrition tips, training buzz, my fitness thoughts, and other fun and random stuff.  My wonderful wife Jess is the primary chef of our household and she is AMAZING.  But like she always says “It’s easy if you follow the recipe.”  Together we will post easy recipes we use and other tips to help you live the lean lifestyle.

I love talking, teaching and learning everything: nutrition, fitness, socks, Lululemon, fitness gear, snap-backs, traveling, woodworking, recycling / composting, mindfulness.

Reach out, let me know what you think!